If you have natural hair and looking to achieve the natural straight hair look Silk Presses is the style. To obtain a Silk Press a stylist will wash and deep condition you hair. Then you can get a protein treatment which helps keep your natural curls in tack. Once this is done the stylist will […]


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Traditional Sew-ins are great for women who loves to make their sew-in look as natural as possible. With a traditional sew-in you can leave a portion of your hair out. Or you can leave hair out all around the perimeter of your head including your edges. When you leave this amount of hair out you can pull your hair up into a ponytail or a bun. Any texture of hair can have this style. It is recommend to have at least shoulder length hair to be able to cover the tracks.

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Traditional Sew-Ins are the most common sew-ins known. It looks the most natural and more versatile. When you get a traditional sew-in you have the option of only leaving the hair out where you want your part. Some women like to leave their hair out where the part is and all around to be able to pull it up in a ponytail. This style goes great with any virgin hair texture. Traditional sew-ins can last up to 3 months and no longer. When having a sew-in you should always take care of your natural hair, so this would be the best sew-in.

Tips on how to keep this sew-in looking flawless

  1. If you have straight hair wrap it.
  2. If you have body wave hair flexi-rod it or wrap and curl in the morning.
  3.  Use edge control for your edges.
  4. Blend your real hair and make sure no tracks are showing.
  5.  Make sure to wash and deep condition your hair twice a month.

Following these steps will ensure you that your traditional sew-in will be flawless.

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